World’s richest football clubs


Here is a overview of the richest and biggest Football Clubs in the world. With ranked as number one Manchester United. The richest clubs are located in England/UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France.

Manchester United won 13 titles in the Premier League since 1992. During this time they also made it to four Champions League finals, which where won in 1999 and 2008. Now Manchester United, owned by The Glazer Family reached a worth of $ 4.58 billion. The revenue comes mainly from advertising and sponsorship revenue, and this is more than any other soccer team.

Richest Country by Club Revenue

The English Premier League dominates the ranking with the richest clubs in the top 20 list, the most from one single league since records began. The financial power of English clubs was largely thanks to Premier League contracts worth in excess of £8 billion over three years.

Based on the Forbes Magazine top 20 richest football clubs list.